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A quick little adventure game created for the February MAGS game jam.  You wash up on some faraway beach.  Did you party too hard or did you just listen to the wrong Woody Herman cassette tape?  Find out in this light-hearted romp and you may find yourself embroiled in a real adventure!


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SNitLNotW Linux.zip 16 MB
SNitLNotW1.1.zip 13 MB

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There is still a problem. When I try to run the winsetup file, I get the message: "Error: unable to launch time.exe. Make sure that the file is in the same directory as this Setup program". It is indeed not there, no such file. But as a fullscreen hater, I need to be able to run winsetup to play the game in good old small resolution - ALt-Enter works to "de-fullscreen-ise" the game, but then it appears in a huge resolution. Please check it out. I'll drop here from time to time to see if there are any updates, but won't play the game until I'm able to run winsetup.

Oh, thanks for the heads up.  I fixed it to default to windowed mode (which I also prefer) and also I think the winsetup should be working now.

I LOVE the pixel art and the game too :)

Hey you forgot to upload a zip file and instead published 4 different files!

I am so smrt! SMRT!!  I'll fix this right now.